ConfigMgr: Woes of Supersedence

VertigoRay/ May 23, 2014/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I was tasked with getting an Office 2013 upgrade set-up for early adopters and forced on our deadline. After I built and tested the application, I marked O2013 as superseding O2010 and made O2013 available. The plan was to make another Required deployment for our deadline.  O2013 unexpectedly installed on several machines that night.

The next morning, I got word and was livid.  I removed the supersedence relationship – the issue did not continue to propagate.  I thought the functionality was not aligned with MS’s documentation on the subject (yes, I read the docs), which explicitly states:

“When you supersede an application, this applies to all future deployments and Application Catalog requests. This will not affect the existing installations of the application.”

It turns out that when you deploy an Application that supersedes another Application, and you have it as Install Available (not Required) you have to pay attention to the verbiage of the Scheduling pane; the bottom is not greyed out due to the supersedence.  The verbiage of the schedule pane says “Installation deadline to upgrade users or devices that have the superseded application installed” … and notice is defaults to As soon as possible.  I skipped over this pane since it’s normally greyed out when you mark things as Install Available.

That is why Office 2013 immediately started upgrading Office 2010 … cause I told it to.  Lesson learned.

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