PowerShell – Install Firefox

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I previously posted about tweaking the Firefox install to prevent the Mozilla Maintenance Service from installing.  Ph0neutria asked an off topic that intrigued me, so this is the answer to that. My solution installs a particular version and language of Firefox.  If the language is not specified, it will check for a current install and match that language, defaulting to en-US.

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Installing and configuring Munki with Puppet

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“Puppet is a powerful system administration tool for Macs. But Munki is better at managing software packages. Do the smart thing and use puppet to deploy and configure Munki on your Mac clients.” – Chris McCafferty I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for the recipe! Here’s my version of the same solution … Place the following code in your modules/munki/manifests/init.pp file:

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iPhone – Signature per Account

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I have previously posted about how I have an iPhone and love it, except for the fact that it’s very user friendly. What do I mean? I’m more of a technical user. The fact that the iPhone is so easy to use, makes it hard to do slightly more technical stuff. Some trivial email things that frustrate me: No Custom Email Signatures per Account  Solved!

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