iPhone Mail “Send As” Settings

VertigoRay/ March 19, 2010/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I have an iPhone and love it, except for the fact that it’s very user friendly. What do I mean? I’m more of a technical user with computers. The fact that the iPhone is so easy to use, makes it hard to do slightly more technical stuff. Some trivial email things that frustrate me: No Custom Email Signatures per Account  Solved! No integrated Exchange Task

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EagleConnect Exchange

VertigoRay/ March 5, 2010/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

I go to UNT (University of North Texas) and one thing that has bugged me is that it always takes me forever to find the settings needed to configure EagleConnect as an Exchange connection from Outlook for a friend. This is my log of the settings so I know longer need to search endlessly. It is designed to be my

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E-mail Aliases

VertigoRay/ March 2, 2010/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

For a while, I’ve been creating an email alias for every site that I have to create an account for. For example, let’s say that my email address is example@vertigion.com. When I went to DreamHost.com and made an account for them, I would create an alias such as: example.dreamhost.com@vertigion.com > example@vertigion.com Email that was sent to example.dreamhost.com@vertigion.com would show up

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