Firefox – Bookmarks Toolbar – Icons Only

VertigoRay/ December 16, 2009/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Ever want to get rid of the text next to the icons on your bookmarks toolbar in Firefox?

I was looking over a co-workers shoulder the other day and noticed that his bookmarks toolbar had no text next to the icons!! I immediately got as giddy as school girl and demanded enlightenment. He promptly responded me that I merely needed to needed to save the following code in a userChrome.css file:

toolbar[mode="icons"] .toolbarbutton-text {
   display:none !important;

The file needs to be saved in:
######## = 8 random numbers and letters. ie: h98nvfn5

Not sure where your %AppData% folder is? Try running the following from the Command Prompt:
echo %AppData%

That should do it!

For more information, check out the Customizing Mozilla page!

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